Disney has invented an airport luggage cart for reducing stress of passengers at security points


Patent Information:

Patent Number: 9,074,984
Patent Title: Airport security screening system and method
Inventors: Padgett; John M. (Clermont, FL), Bentubo; Michelle G. (Orlando, FL), Kennedy; Harold J. (Orlando, FL), Abbe; Seth T. (Clermont, FL)
Family ID: 1000001198730
Appl. No.: 14/013,875
Filed: August 29, 2013

Abstract: A system for performing airport security screening of carry-on bags and other separately scanned carry-on items such as electronics. The system includes a number of airport divestment and luggage carts. Each of the carts includes a frame with a lower support for receiving carry-on luggage, and the frame further supports security bins for receiving separately scannable items (such as a computing device). The system includes a 3D scanner scanning items passed through a scanning tunnel. The system also includes a conveyance system engaging the carts and transporting the carts through the scanning tunnel for 3D scanning, with such scanning including the carry-on luggage and the separately scannable items in bins. Typically, the frame of each of the carts is formed of one or more non-metallic materials and is non-collapsible. Further, the carts may be oriented to be upright during transportation through the scanner.