Stratosphere airplane from Airbus

Airbus has invented a support vehicle for a high-altitude airplane, particularly for stratosphere airplanes.

Climbing upto the height of stratosphere is very difficult for aiplanes. The plane needs greatest engine power for this ascent.
This new invention from Airbus structurally and functionally optimizes the operation of a high-altitude airplane both during its ascent into the stratosphere and during its operation in the stratosphere.

The support vehicle is arranged beneath the airplane allowing it to seperate from the high altitude airplane based on the force of gravity. It can rise up into stratosphere supporting the airplane to travel up to such height.

Patent Information
Publication number: US 20160185459
Patent Title: Auxiliary Device for High-Flying Aircraft
Publication date: Jun 30, 2016
Filing date: Jun 19, 2015
Inventors: Andreas KIEFER; Jens FEDERHEN; Dieter DRAGON; Werner SCHOLZ;
Original Assignee: ASTRIUM GMBH