FoldiMate - Laundry Folding Machine

FoldiMate is, a home robot designed to fold your clean clothes all by itself with professional skill and quality results.

The patented device will apparently grab garments, pull them inside for processing, then spit out piles of smartly stacked and crisply folded clothing.

A series of mechanisms robotically flip, fold and flatten cloth items into shape. FoldiMate also subjects clothes in the chamber to a special treatment similar to the Whirlpool Swash that includes steam, perfume and fabric softeners. The result, say the people behind FoldiMate,
will be garments that are neatly folded, expertly layered and ready for your wardrobe. The machine is swift too It folds clothes twice as fast as it takes to fold them manually… and without all the hassle.

CEO of the company Gal Rezov is the main inventor of the device as revealed by their patent. The patent discloses details of the machine parts used to fold the cloth items.