Kingii the wearable floatation aid

Here is kingii the smallest wearable inflatable device, to help you to stay above water by quickly creating the buoyancy needed for floating. The device is worn on a wrist. It includes a CO2 cartridge with the pull lever trigger echanism which when activated quickly fills the pouch with CO2. The wrist clasp is adjustable and will fit comfortably on almost any hand, be it that of a kid or that of an adult. On the strap, Kingii also has a small compass, to help guide swimmers in emergencies. An emergency flute also becomes accessible once the floatation bag is deployed. Thanks to this flute, those in need can alert others around them and summon help. The inflation bag is bright orange, increasing visibility on water and has a hexagonal shape that is easy to hold on to and grip.

The Kingii is the brainchild of Tom Athanasios, an entrepreneur with several patents under his name

Patent Information
Publication number: WO2015196059 A1
Application number: PCT/US2015/036667
Publication date: 23 Dec 2015
Filing date: 19 Jun 2015
Priority date: 19 Jun 2014
Inventors: Athanasios AGAPIADES
Applicant: Agapiades Athanasios