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Patent Information
Patent Number: 5,970,522
Patent Title: Costume mask
Inventors: Apichom; Surasak (Long Beach, CA)
Family ID: 22767351
Appl. No.: 09/206,654
Filed: December 7, 1998

A costume mask has a mask body shaped to fit over the face of the user. The mask body has an inflatable sack positioned thereon such that inflating the inflatable sack causes a feature to protrude to an extended position. The inflatable sack and the feature are preferably both made of a very thin and lightweight material to enable the inflatable sack to inflate and deflate quickly, thereby causing the feature to leap quickly outward at the observers for startling effect. The costume mask further includes a means for retracting the feature, preferably a coil spring that connects the feature to the mask body, biasing the feature to a retracted position.

US 5970522

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