Four Up And Coming Cities For Millennials in 2019

Four Up And Coming Cities For Millennials in 2019

Millennials are defined, in part, by their desire to jump from job to job, their enjoyment of travel and relocation, and their desire and drive to seek novel experiences and pastures new.

As such, if you’re aged between your early to mid-twenties and mid to late thirties, you may be looking for new cities across the country (or indeed, internationally) where you can set up a new home base. There are many cities across the world which cater well to the Millennial mindset; offering exciting cultural experiences, a desirable work-life balance, and opportunities for personal and professional growth. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of four up and coming cities for Millennials in 2019:

Dayton, Ohio, United States of America

This may be the first time you’ve heard of Dayton, which is located near Cincinnati and Indianapolis, and within a few hours’ drive of Illinois’ most populated city, Chicago.

Yet Dayton offers many of the elements that Millennials are looking for from a city; it’s got a bustling business district, which retains a community feel, as well as having ample outdoor space ideal for hiking, biking, and other active pursuits.

In recent times, Dayton has seen great investment in its city-scape, with property developers such as converting picturesque historic buildings into stylish new office and apartment blocks. If you’re a young professional seeking somewhere for new employment, exciting nightlife and also the right conditions to start a family, then Dayton could be a fantastic option for you next year.

Austin, Texas, United States of America

Another ideal Stateside option for young professionals is Austin. With a thriving cultural scene, including music, arts, and culture, this city is a great place for Millennials who seek a lifestyle that’s full to the brim with inspiration.

Home prices in Austin are increasing though, so if you’re looking to invest in bricks and mortar now is the time to do it. Nevertheless, with food and entertainment costs still being modest in comparison to other exciting US cities, Austin still has lots to offer.

Belfast, United Kingdom

The Northern Irish capital is best known for being the birthplace of the Titanic, but it’s also got a strong subculture driven by local young professionals and an art scene that parallels other, most well-known British cities such as Manchester and Bristol.

Found to be the best UK city for single people, could Belfast be the place Millennials find love? 

Berlin, Germany

Berlin’s Millennial-friendly mindset needs little introduction; it’s long been seen as an eclectic, subversive city of culture.

One thing that will strike you when visiting Berlin is how widely spoken the English language is, making it an ideal international destination for Americans and Brits to relocate. With the low price of beer and a rent cap on most of the apartment blocks, if you’re a Millennial on a budget, then Berlin offers an exciting lifestyle shift, with little financial demand.

Whether you’re looking to find a new job, or are simply seeking change in your life, any of these four cities provide the perfect platforms for Millennials to prosper.