Top Car Tech That Makes Driving Safer and More Pleasant

The automotive industry continues to surprise us customers with new developments, intriguing new cars and of course some marvellous tech behind them. There have been a lot of great announcements and new technologies being introduced these past couple of years, from a more compact battery from Tesla to better safety features.

Some of these techs are more interesting than the others, which is why we at Patent Yogi decided to make a list of the top car technologies that truly shine in 2016. Here are some of the features that will make driving safer and more pleasant.

Better In-Car Entertainment

Every car has its own brand of in-car entertainment system. Manufacturers are racing to provide better, more immersive in-car entertainment by offering new features and advanced gadgets to please customers. Some are very interesting ones to follow.

The latest GM and IBM cooperation news updates suggest that IBM Watson will be coming to GM cars as we get closer to the end of 2016. This new technology will allow your car to help you find nice restaurants to visit, suggest a route to take based on traffic reports and do so much more than the average in-car computer.

The system is based on IBM’s own AI, dubbed the IBM Watson. You can even prepare for your next driving theory test and check out your friends’ social media posts while in the car. Make sure someone else is driving though!

Lane-Keep Assist and Adaptive Cruise Control

Tesla is perhaps the most popular name when it comes to self-driving cars, but there are actually other technologies that help make driving safer and more convenient. While waiting for truly autonomous cars to be available to customers, you can now buy cars with lane-keep assist and adaptive cruise control.

Lane-keep assist will help keep the car in its lane by scanning for the lane markers and staying aware of the surrounding cars. The adaptive cruise control, on the other hand, lets you lift your foot off the accelerator. The car will then ‘attach’ itself to the car in front, maintaining a safe distance and a constant speed.

These two technologies are smart enough to see cars changing lane, too. When another car enters your lane and you’re now just a few inches from it, your car’s computer will throttle off and slow down to achieve the same safe distance as before. You can even tell it to change lane just by activating the indicators.

Driver Scanning and Alerts

Driving after taking some meds or when you are absolutely tired is dangerous. The new driver scanning system available in several cars can now tell if you’re drowsy or not paying enough attention to the road ahead. It will then sound alerts, reminding you to stay focus or pull over for some quick rest.

It is also good to know that these systems are making their way to consumer cars faster than before. They are already available in the latest models and can even be added to existing one as upgrades. It is interesting to see how far new car technologies will progress next year.

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