CreepyIP#12 - Scary Fingers. This glove allows fingernails to pass through.

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Patent Information
Patent Number:US 5598584 A
Patent Title: Designer fingernail gloves
Application number: US 08/193,995
Publication date: 4 Feb 1997
Filing date: 9 Feb 1994
Priority date: 9 Feb 1994
Fee status: Lapsed
Inventors: Darrin P. Da Grossa

Abstract: A designer fingernail glove is provided and consists of a palm portion for covering a palm of a hand of a wearer. A plurality of finger stalls communicate with the palm portion for covering the fingers of the hand. The finger stalls have top openings at their distal ends, to align with elongated fingernails on the fingers. Components are for expanding the top openings, when the elongated fingernails are inserted through the top openings. The top openings will fit snugly about the elongated fingernails, to prevent water and dirt from entering the finger stalls.