A cool method to unload cargo from aircraft



Patent Information:

Patent Title: Method and system for loading and unloading cargo assembly onto and from an aircraft
Patent Number: 9,108,720
Inventors: Helou Jr.; Elie (Santa Barbara, CA)
Assignee: Biosphere Aerospace, LLC (Carpinteria, CA)
Family ID: 1000001280972
Appl. No.: 14/259,818
Filed: April 23, 2014

Abstract: A system for loading and unloading a cargo assembly onto and from an aircraft. The system comprises an aircraft and a moveable platform. The aircraft comprises a forward fairing, an aft fairing, a spine disposed between the forward fairing and the aft fairing and a plurality of mounts coupled to the spine and configured to structurally engage the cargo container onto the spine. The aft fairing is movable between a fixed position for flight and an open position for at least loading and unloading of the cargo assembly. The aircraft is configured such that an unobstructed passageway is provided in an area underneath the spine during loading or unloading of the cargo assembly. An aft access is provided when the aft fairing is moved to the open position. The moveable platform is used to maneuver the cargo assembly for loading and unloading onto and from the spine, respectively.

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