This is the best fishing platform ever!

Ultraskiff is a patented fishing platform is designed to provide you the best fishing experience. Designed for a serious sportsperson, it is easy to get to the water. It is super stable.

Ultraskiff includes a stabalizing chamber that uses water for stabalization. It provides a comfortable surface to lay on, or paddle from, or kneel on. You can comfortably sit on the chair while fishing. 

It includes a battery compartment to safely store a battery and storage compartments to store all the stuff you need for a day out. The sturdy doors make great cutting boards. 

You can anchor the boat or convert it into a duck blind for more adventure. 

Enjoy your next fishing trip!

Patent Information
Publication number: US8789487 B2
Publication date: 29 Jul 2014
Filing date: 20 Jul 2012
Priority date: 20 Jul 2012
Inventors: Jeffrey D. Lizzio
Original Assignee: Jeffrey D. Lizzio