Canon patents granted on 08 April 2014

70 US patents granted on 08 April 2014 and assigned to Canon

1 RE44,825 Print head substrate, print head using the same, and printing apparatus
2 8,695,065 Data communication apparatus, data communication method, data communication program, and storage medium storing the program
3 8,695,057 Communications apparatus and control method therefor
4 8,695,049 Content switching apparatus and content switching method
5 8,694,883 Document management system, image processing apparatus, and control methods and computer programs therefor
6 8,694,743 Information processing apparatus and method of backing up memory in said apparatus
7 8,694,583 Information processing apparatus and method for controlling the same
8 8,694,498 Data management apparatus and data processing method
9 8,693,940 Control apparatus, control method for control apparatus, and storage medium
10 8,693,926 Developer supply container and developer supplying system
11 8,693,923 Developing apparatus
12 8,693,920 Image forming apparatus that performs image formation using different types of driving forces in combination
13 8,693,910 Image forming apparatus with heater
14 8,693,904 Image forming apparatus
15 8,693,903 Image forming apparatus
16 8,693,860 Image taking system and operating apparatus
17 8,693,859 Imaging apparatus, control apparatus, control method therefor, and recording medium
18 8,693,749 Image processing apparatus and method
19 8,693,738 Imaging processing system and method and management apparatus
20 8,693,650 Facsimile apparatus, control method therefor, and storage medium
21 8,693,508 Light source apparatus and image pickup apparatus equipped with same
22 8,693,411 Communication apparatus and communication method therefor
23 8,693,373 Communication apparatus, communication method therefor, and program
24 8,693,096 Diffractive optical element, optical system including the same, and image pickup apparatus
25 8,693,069 Document reading apparatus
26 8,693,052 Electronic document generating apparatus, electronic document generation method, and storage medium
27 8,693,049 Image processing apparatus for selecting a feature area, image processing method and storage medium therefor
28 8,693,046 Printing apparatus that prints with changed print settings, control method for printing apparatus, and storage medium
29 8,693,030 Management apparatus and method for analyzing an abnormality of a state of an image forming apparatus
30 8,693,028 Image processing apparatus, method, and medium storing program
31 8,693,027 Image forming apparatus having restricted user access, method of controlling the same, and storage medium
32 8,693,026 Printing system, apparatus and control method therefor, storage medium and program
33 8,693,018 Printing system and print control method
34 8,693,017 Image forming apparatus, method of controlling the same, program, storage medium, printing system, and method suitable for the printing system
35 8,693,013 Printing control for transmitting print data and print setting data to a printing apparatus
36 8,693,011 Information processing apparatus and method for controlling same
37 8,693,010 Image forming apparatus
38 8,692,975 Measurement apparatus, exposure apparatus, and device fabrication method
39 8,692,928 Autofocus apparatus and image-pickup apparatus
40 8,692,924 Image sensing and development processing apparatus and control method thereof
41 8,692,922 Image pickup apparatus
42 8,692,920 Solid-state imaging apparatus, A/D converter, and control method thereof
43 8,692,919 Photo-sensor, measurement apparatus and camera system
44 8,692,917 Image sensor and image sensing apparatus with plural vertical output lines per column
45 8,692,909 Image processing device and image pickup device using the same
46 8,692,908 Image-pickup apparatus and a zoom lens for the image-pickup apparatus, with distortion correction
47 8,692,906 Luminance signal generation apparatus, luminance signal generation method, image pickup apparatus, and storage medium
48 8,692,904 Image pickup apparatus having masking function
49 8,692,898 Image capture apparatus for encrypting image data using a first encryption method or a second encryption method based on an instruction
50 8,692,897 Method of generating moving picture information
51 8,692,894 Image pickup apparatus with inclination guide display
52 8,692,892 Communication apparatus and control method used for transmitting video data to an external apparatus
53 8,692,888 Image pickup apparatus
54 8,692,846 Image processing apparatus, method for retouching images based upon user applied designated areas and annotations
55 8,692,805 Coordinate input apparatus, control method, and storage medium
56 8,692,345 Image sensing device, image sensing system, and method for manufacturing image sensing device
57 8,692,218 Charged particle beam exposure apparatus
58 8,691,676 Substrate heat treating apparatus, temperature control method of substrate heat treating apparatus, manufacturing method of semiconductor device, temperature control program of substrate heat treating apparatus, and recording medium
59 8,691,561 Thermal treatment apparatus and fluid treatment method with fluidic device
60 8,691,495 Photoresist pattern forming method, and microlens array forming method
61 8,691,465 Fuel cell and method of operating fuel cell
62 8,691,398 4-aminofluorene compound and organic light emitting device
63 8,691,101 Method for manufacturing ejection element substrate
64 8,690,543 Energy conversion apparatus
65 8,690,329 Fundus capturing apparatus
66 8,690,307 Ink jet ink, ink cartridge, and ink jet recording method
67 8,690,299 Liquid container
68 8,690,286 Inkjet printing apparatus
69 8,690,150 Sheet feed device and image forming apparatus with rotation stacking portion
70 8,690,144 Sheet processing apparatus that detects staples and image forming apparatus