Facebook has so much information about your life now, that they can predict your future state


Facebook can predict that a user is commuting to work, that the user is at home, that the user is at work, that the user is having dinner with friends, that the users is in a public social setting, that the user is in a foreign country, or that the user will be connected via a particular telecommunications network.

The predicted state is then used to meet the needs of the user. The mobile device can cache new messages until the user has arrived at her predicted destination. Alternatively, the mobile device can automatically launch a software application related to the restaurant the user is dining at. Further, the mobile device requests lower bandwidth services while it is predicted to be connected to a particular telecommunications network. This allows the mobile device to automatically tailor operation to the user’s activities.

Patent Information
Publication number: US20160036679
Patent Title: Predicting the Future State of a Mobile Device User
Publication type: Grant
Publication date: 4 Feb 2016
Filing date: 24 Oct 2015
Inventors: Michael Dudley Johnson; Joshua Williams;
Original Assignee: Facebook, Inc.