Hitachi patents granted on 08 April 2014

51 US patents granted on 08 April 2014 and assigned to Hitachi

1 D702,352 Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
2 8,695,110 Scanning probe microscope and sample observing method using the same
3 8,695,024 Disc changer with detachable optical disc storage magazine for storing multiple optical discs
4 8,695,007 Computer system and method of scheduling a virtual processor to run on physical processors based on the number of possessing cycles of each virtual computer
5 8,694,820 Failure recovery method
6 8,694,749 Control method of device in storage system for virtualization
7 8,694,742 Storage system and data management method for mirroring volumes with allocate on use function
8 8,694,741 Storage system and method of executing commands by controller
9 8,694,727 First storage control apparatus and storage system management method
10 8,694,725 Storage system and control method thereof as well as program
11 8,694,698 Storage system and method for prioritizing data transfer access
12 8,694,689 Storage system having plural microprocessors, and processing allotment method for storage system having plural microprocessors
13 8,694,602 Storage apparatus and its data processing method
14 8,694,476 Policy-based management of a redundant array of independent nodes
15 8,694,288 CAD pipe arrangement and pipe relationship database validation
16 8,693,886 Optical transmission system
17 8,693,869 Optical transport apparatus and optical transport system
18 8,693,760 Medical imaging apparatus
19 8,693,759 Image processing device and image processing method
20 8,693,546 Video encoding method and video decoding method
21 8,693,481 Communication device
22 8,693,359 Communication control device and communication quality measurement method
23 8,693,346 On-vehicle gateway device, method for controlling an on-vehicle gateway device, connection device and connection control method
24 8,693,280 Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus
25 8,693,075 Scan type image display device
26 8,692,730 Mobile communication base station antenna
27 8,692,463 Plasma display panel having inert film and manufacturing method
28 8,692,435 Rotating electric machine
29 8,692,218 Charged particle beam exposure apparatus
30 8,692,197 Scanning electron microscope optical condition setting method and scanning electron microscope
31 8,692,195 Charged particle radiation device
32 8,692,112 Organic thin film solar cell and fabrication method of same
33 8,692,029 Method and device for synthesizing acrolein
34 8,691,708 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device and substrate processing apparatus
35 8,691,466 Membrane electrode assembly for fuel cell
36 8,691,449 Nonaqueous electrolyte and lithium-ion secondary battery using thereof
37 8,691,446 Nonaqueous secondary battery and method of using the same
38 8,691,395 Composite material for brazing and a brazed product manufactured using the same
39 8,691,361 Ceramic honeycomb structure and its production method
40 8,691,148 Sample dispensing apparatus and automatic analyzer including the same
41 8,690,636 Compound semiconductor substrate production method
42 8,690,614 Cable fixing method and cable connecting part
43 8,690,559 Nano-imprinting resin stamper and nano-imprinting apparatus using the same
44 8,690,557 Variable displacement vane pump
45 8,690,407 Illumination unit and display apparatus using the same
46 8,690,349 Oblique projection optical system and projection type display apparatus using the same
47 8,690,345 Projection image display apparatus having a first lens and a second lens adjacent to the screen
48 8,690,193 Transporter vehicle
49 8,689,768 Apparatus and method for controlling fuel injection of internal combustion engine
50 8,689,748 Valve timing control apparatus of internal combustion engine
51 8,689,608 Thermal gas sensor