Microsoft is taking a shot at telemedicine with Kinect plus Xbox system


Microsoft has patented a technique to measure blood flow beneath a person’s skin. This may be used to monitor changes in the coloration of a person’s skin. For example, changes in the “blush,” or coloration of facial skin, may allow blood flow through a person’s face to be determined. Images may be captured over time allowing the comparison of the color intensity of the skin at one point in time and the color intensity of the same skin subsequently. The changes in coloration reflect the flow of blood through blood vessels beneath the skin in that area. A visualization of this blood flow may be generated by capturing images of that area of skin at one point and capturing subsequent images of that area of skin.

 The technology has multiple applications. It can help measure a person’s heart rate, blood pressure, approximate VO2 max for individuals and even provide a measure of the True Metabolic Equivalent of Task (MET) for various activities.

Image Credit - Destructoid
Image Credit – Destructoid

 Using Kinect, a remotely located doctor can access various health parameters in real time. It may help detect inflammation on the lymph nodes on the neck, or detect new moles, skin conditions and even skin cancer.

Patent Information
Publication number: US 20160110861
Patent Title: Visualization for blood flow in skin image data
Publication date: 21 Apr 2016
Filing date: 20 Oct 2014
Inventors: Jonathan R. Hoof;
Applicant: Microsoft Corporation