Nike patents a cool braided shoe

Nike is one of the most innovative companies. It keeps developing new technologies and designs to make their footwear more robust, comfortable and classy.

Typically, the shoe upper fully cover user’s feet. The shoe upper is made of leather, plastic, rubber, fabrics, wood, and metal. These materials provide a generally similar look and feel of the shoe.

A recent patent application from Nike discloses that Nike has developed a cool braided shoe and also a braiding machine to manufacture the braided shoes.


The patented shoe includes a sole and an upper attached to the sole. The upper includes a first portion and a second portion. The first portion has a Jacquard braid pattern. The second portion has a Non-Jacquard braid pattern.


The braiding machine is configured with the set of spools. Passing a last through a braiding point, where the tensile elements converge thereby forming a seamless braided structure on the last.


Moving the set of spools through a first section to form a first braid portion of the braided structure. Moving the set of spools through a second section to form a second braid portion of the braided structure. Wherein a set of rotor gears move the set of spools in a Jacquard motion in the first section. Wherein the set of rotor gears move the set of spools in a Non-Jacquard motion in the second section.

Patent Information
Publication number: US 20160345675
Patent Title: Hybrid Braided Article
Publication date: 1 Dec 2016
Filing date: 26 May 2015
Inventors: Robert M. Bruce; Eun Kyung Lee; Craig K. Sills;
Original Assignee: NIKE, Inc.