Nike’s New Self-Lacing Shoe Is Even More Exciting

Nike’s New Self-Lacing Shoe Is Even More Exciting

Nike is constantly coming up with new and impressive shoe designs, the latest release coming in the form of the Nike Adapt BB, the first basketball shoe to feature power-lacing. If a recently published patent application is to be believed, Nike is already looking to improve on its latest release.

The shoe disclosed in the patent features a power-lacing system with a motorized tightening device which will tighten and loosen the laces, a control unit to control the tightening, and a battery. The lace will pass through lace receiving members placed along the forefoot, and midfoot of the shoe, as shown in the figure above. The tightening device will be located towards the heel portion in a housing and will be removable. What’s even more interesting is that the control unit and the battery will be located in the midsole. The midsole will be removable allowing access to the control unit, and the battery for repairing, or replacement, something which hasn’t been seen in any Nike Adapt.

The power-lacing system will automatically loosen or tighten the shoe based on the size and shape of your foot, and based on what you may be doing. If you are running, and your feet start to swell, the shoe will loosen to maintain a comfortable fit. You can also control the fitting from your smartphone.  Nike also seems to be looking to diversify saying that the shoe could be a casual shoe, or could be a cleat for athletics or football, or a basketball sneaker.

All we have to do now is wait for the shoe to drop. Who’s copping a pair?

Patent Information
Publication Number: US20190090589A1
Patent Title: Footwear having motorized adjustment system and removable midsole
Publication date: 2019-03-28
Filing date: 2018-08-27
Inventors: Thomas J. RUSHBROOK, Tiffany A. Beers
Assignee: Nike Inc