Do Company and Product Names Hold Importance in the Tech Industry?

Do Company and Product Names Hold Importance in the Tech Industry?

Once a name is established as a brand in any sector, it doesn’t really matter what it is, but for new tech ventures and sub-brands, does the name of the company or how they decide to name their products, hold any importance?

Names are What Customers Remember Businesses By

Names are given to companies for the same reason they are given to people – it’s their initial identity, and a term with which the world associates all things related to them. Unlike people though, company names can and should be unique, especially for new businesses. That, however, is no easy task in this day and age, as you will have a hard time finding one that has not yet been taken. Even if you do come up with something that you know will be perfect for the company that you are about to set up, how do you know that it has not already been trademarked and registered?

A state-based entity search would be your best bet at finding out whether you really have a unique name on your hands, or if it has already been registered by some other company. For example, if you are in Delaware, a DE entity search will help you verify the availability of the proposed name, and once you are able to find something that isn’t already registered in the state, you can proceed to protect your company name by registering it immediately from there.

The Highest Selling Tech Products All Had Unique Names at the Time of Their Introduction

Almost every successful tech product in history which was targeted towards the consumer market had a catchy name, and taking a look at some of them confirms that:

  • Apple Macintosh and the famous “i” series of devices (iPod, iPhone, iPad, and iOS)
  • Sony Walkman and Discman
  • Kodak Brownie
  • Sony PlayStation
  • Nintendo GameBoy
  • Motorola Razr
  • Samsung Galaxy Note

Names Create That First Impression

Even before clients and customers get to know about the business, their reputation and the specific services/products they offer, everyone reads and hears the name first, which creates the first impression.

Let’s take, for example, the name Apple (Inc.), which is by far the largest tech company in the world and the 6th largest company overall. To say that it’s an unusual name for a tech company would be an understatement, but that’s precisely what made it so memorable even before they achieved their current dominant status in the technology industry. It was easy to remember and uncommon at the same time; something that Blackberry Limited also used to their advantage, eight years later.

Unknown to many, Apple (Corps) is also the name of a music recording company founded by The Beatles, which was established and named many years before the tech giant even came into existence. This, in fact, led to multiple lawsuits between the two for years, a fact which further highlights how important the name is for a business’s identity.