Here’s the Technology Every Warehouse Should Use in 2023

Here’s the Technology Every Warehouse Should Use in 2023

Running a productive, efficient warehouse is no easy task. You’re dealing with a lot of stock. You have numerous employees. All the different incomings and outcomings need to be managed correctly. Logistically, it is a complex puzzle you need to solve on a consistent basis.

Fortunately, in this day and age, there’s a lot of support that can be found in the form of modern technology. With this technology in place, a business is able to improve and refine its entire warehouse operations. There’s just one question: Which technology should you be using?

Below are the forms of technology every warehouse – including yours – should be using in 2023 and beyond.

Warehouse management system

A management system is a must when running a warehouse. By using a single, accessible platform to consolidate all warehouse data, it supplies you with a complete overview of your operations. Also, a warehouse management system should supply you with real-time statistics and accurate reporting, making it easy to plan for both the present and future.

When you select a high-powered warehouse management system, you should be able to improve the accuracy of your inventory, optimize your warehouse layout, and streamline various processes – among many other positive points. The result: your warehouse is able to operate at a much higher level than without a management system.

SKU tracking

Extending on from the previous point, there’s a major component required for running an organized warehouse: SKU tracking. SKU, aka stock keeping units, is beneficial for ensuring your business is able to monitor your warehouse’s stock levels. You can also use this information to forecast demand, know when to reorder stock, and ultimately reduce costs.

With the right SKU tracking system, you can make sure this aspect functions as required. By being able to organize your SKUs correctly, for example, ensures your warehouse maximizes efficient operations. Aside from keeping your inventory managed successfully, it boosts the overall efficiency of your warehouse.

Automated picking tools

Another benefit of having organized SKUs is that they make it easier for automated picking tools to function as expected. While some people are still skeptical about using automated picking tools, they have evolved to the point where they should be a viable option for your warehouse in 2023.

Whether you are using a standalone picking tool or one that aids manual handlers, they can help to speed up operations significantly. It’s not just speed that is brought to the table. By using automated picking tools, you can also reduce human error and enhance labor allocation.

Automated guided vehicles

It’s not only picking tools that can be an automated solution for your warehouse. Automated guided vehicles are also a recommended option in 2023. AGVs are great for enhancing various aspects of your operations, including storage and retrieval.

As you can likely gather from the name, AGVs, are self-guided and follow digital paths you set throughout your facility. They can also load and unload containers such as pallets and boxes. As for the vehicles, these can include the likes of pallet carts and forklifts.