On October 4 1949, a patent was granted for an antibiotic for typhoid to Crooks, Rebstock, Controalis and Bartz.
















Patent Information
Patent Number: US 2483885 A
Patent Title: Nitrophenyl acyl amido alkane diols

Publication date: 4 Oct 1949
Filing date: 12 Feb 1949
Priority date: 12 Feb 1949
Inventors: Bartz Quentin R, Crooks Jr Harry M, John Controulis, Rebstock Mildred C
Original Assignee: Parke Davis & Co

Abstract: One of the objects of this invention is to obtain the antibiotic compound, [l]–1-p-nitrophenyl-2-dichloroacetamidopropane-1,3-diol, on a commercial scale by methods which are relatively inexpensive as compared to microbiological methods ordinarily used for manufacturing other antibiotic compounds.