Spiderman Patent (Patent No. US 5,072,856 - For shooting string foam, Stephen E. Kimble)

US 5,072,856


Spiderman Patent

For shooting string foam
US 5072856 A

Publication number US5072856 A
Publication type Grant
Application number US 07/528,419
Publication date 17 Dec 1991
Filing date 25 May 1990
Priority date 25 May 1990
Fee status Paid
Inventors Stephen E. Kimble
Original Assignee Kimble Stephen E

The combination of known components to produce a new toy shooting apparatus. A toy that makes it possible for a player to act like a spider person by shooting webs from the palm of his or her hand. The webbing material consists of string foam delivered from a hidden pressurized container through a valve incorporated into a glove worn by the player. A trigger mechanism enables the player to activate the valve at will by the exercise of pressure with the fingers of the hand wearing the glove.