This day in Tech History - Chinese invent toilet paper [August 26, 580 CE]

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It is believed that Chinese invented toilet paper, this day back in the year 580 AD. Before this invention, humans relied on tree barks, leaves, moss, grass, coconut shells, snow, wool and sponges.

This day is also celebrated as the “National Toilet Paper Day” in the United States. In fact, first toilet paper roll was sold in the US on this day in 1871. The toilet paper roll started a century old “over versus under” toilet paper argument. Users have argued about the direction in which the roll should be hung in the toilets.

This 124-year-old patent finally solved the ‘over versus under’ toilet paper roll debate. The “over” side won.

Patent Information
Publication number: US459516 A
Patent Title: Wrapping or toilet paper roll
Publication type: Grant
Publication date: Sep 15, 1891
Filing date: Jun 10, 1891
Inventors: Seth Wheeler