Star Wars Franchise owns tons of patents!

Star Wars: Episode VII, The Force Awakens arrived in theaters recently.

Disney has gone crazy with the marketing, which started the internet meme “Disney needs to calm the fuck down”.

People are posting pics of some weird marketing campaigns by Disney. But we at PatentYogi are not complaining. With a franchise like Star Wars, Disney does not want to leave any stone unturned and we are loving it.

George Lucas, the creator/owner of the franchise was very proud and protective of their intellectual property.

So he filed lot of patents.

Lucasfilm and related companies have been granted tons of design patents to protect various characters and objects.

Admiral Ackbar –
Tuantuan –
X-Wing Fighter –
Boba Fett –
Yoda –
TIE Fighter –
At-AT vehicle –
IG-88 –
Snowtrooper -
Twin-pod cloud car –
Greedo –
Snowspeeder –

Here is real life robot designed to look and work like BB-8 –

Star wars has inspired others as well.

Here is a patent from Boeing on a force field similar to the one in Star wars –

May the force with you, and inspire you to keep innovating and keep patenting

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