CreepyIP#11 - Pumpkin carving kit

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Patent Information

Patent Publication Number:US 20050274242 A1
Patent Title: Pumpkin carving kit
Application number: US 10/863,461
Publication date: 15 Dec 2005
Filing date: 9 Jun 2004
Priority date: 9 Jun 2004
Inventors: Colleen McMahon, Dave McMahon

Abstract: The pumpkin carving kit for carving shapes into pumpkins includes a knob and templates, which are used to form face shapes on a pumpkin. The kit may include a striking mallet and a scraper. The knob has a threaded connector extending Therefrom. Each template has a sharp bottom rim defining a cutting edge and a top rim. The top rim has a retention strip extending across it, and a threaded hole situated within the retention strip for receiving the threaded connector of the knob. Stabilizers are attached to the bottom rim of the template. The template is placed on the surface of a pumpkin, and the stabilizers steady the template against the pumpkin surface. The front surface of the knob is then struck either with the mallet or with the user’s hand, forcing the sharp bottom rim of the template to pierce a shaped hole into the surface of the pumpkin.