Guaranteed Patent Invalidation

Here is how it goes:
1. Place your order by filing the form below or by sending us an email at
2. Within 24 hours, our search expert will contact you.
3. Confirm the scope of the central claim of the patent with the search expert
4. Within 21 days, get a litigation grade search report from PatentYogi. Invalidation may be established based on a single reference destroying novelty of the central claim. Alternatively, two or more references may be combined to show obviousness of the central claim.
5. ONLY IF you are satisfied that the central claim of the patent is invalidated, pay $10,000. We will not question or contest your judgement on this. So there is no fine print here, so we mean what we say.

If we fail this challenge, you PAY NOTHING. But you still get a litigation-grade invalidation search report with relevant prior art at no cost to you. And we will dedicate our failed search efforts as a tribute to the ingenious grit of the patent that survives our fiercest assault.

Any information you share with us is protected by our Non-disclosure agreement.