Hitachi patents granted on 15 April 2014

51 US patents granted on 15 April 2014 and assigned to Hitachi

1RE44,840Method for detecting particles and defects and inspection equipment thereof
28,701,129Web API server program, web API publication method
38,700,975Storage system and storage control apparatus
48,700,871Migrating snapshot data according to calculated de-duplication efficiency
58,700,870Logical volume transfer method and storage network system
68,700,856Method for accessing mirrored shared memories and storage subsystem using method for accessing mirrored shared memories
78,700,853Storage apparatus and data management method
88,700,779Multi node server system with plane interconnects the individual nodes equidistantly
98,700,725Remote copy system
108,700,587Security method and system for storage subsystem
118,700,573File storage service system, file management device, file management method, ID denotative NAS server and file reading method
128,700,572Storage system and method for controlling storage system
138,700,571System and method for optimizing protection levels when replicating data in an object storage system
148,700,567Information apparatus
158,700,554Using a degree-of-unexpectedness to provide unexpected recommendations
168,700,379Method and apparatus for simulating microcomputer-based systems
178,700,375Electromagnetic coupler, wireless terminal including same, and method for designing electromagnetic couplers
188,700,275Hybrid construction machine and auxiliary control device used therein
198,700,246Electrically-operated construction machine
208,700,244System for providing information on power consumption amount of electric vehicle
218,699,864Method and apparatus for receiving a digital signal and apparatus for recording and reproducing the digital signal
228,699,848Video/audio recording and reproducing apparatus
238,699,651Method and system for simultaneous irradiation and elution capsule
248,699,461Optimized home evolved NodeB (eNB) handover in an LTE network
258,699,402Multi-hop relay radio communication system, access gateway, and route selection method
268,699,311Optical information recording/reproducing apparatus, optical information reproducing apparatus, optical information recording/reproducing method and optical information reproducing method
278,699,310Optical information recording medium, optical information recording/reproducing device and optical information recording/reproducing method
288,699,262Semiconductor memory device
298,699,254Power inverter
308,699,017Appearance inspection apparatus
318,698,689Multi-beam antenna device
328,698,620Wireless communications device
338,698,571Circuit for improving the immunity performance of a vehicle network
348,698,499Electromagnet devices compatible with magnetic resonance and MRI devices where circulating current directions alternate between coil groups separated by elevation angles between 26.25 and 55 degrees
358,698,343Stationary equipment
368,698,264Photoelectric conversion module
378,698,224Semiconductor device
388,698,194Semiconductor integrated circuit with high withstand voltage element forming trench isolation on substrate
398,698,140Semiconductor device, and test method for same
408,698,080Scanning electron microscope
418,698,079Method for scanning electron microscope observation of sample floating on liquid surface
428,697,244Adhesive composition and adhesive film using the same
438,697,240Photocurable resin composition and cured product of same, resin sheet and production method for same, and display device
448,697,014Specimen rack
458,696,942Adhesive composition, circuit connecting material, connection structure of circuit member, and semiconductor device
468,696,929Polishing slurry and polishing method
478,696,335Oil free screw compressor
488,695,766Shock absorber
498,695,433Mechanical-quantity measuring device
508,695,392Rolling mill and tandem rolling mill having the same
518,695,347Power plant


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