Amazon patents granted on 15 April 2014

15 US patents granted on 15 April 2014 and assigned to Amazon

18,701,109Immortal instance type
28,700,991Protecting content presented in a web browser
38,700,945Content delivery failover
48,700,651Method, medium, and system for suggesting images for items without images in listings data
58,700,502System and method for filling an order
68,700,492Customized product display
78,700,490Method, medium, and system for selecting item images for attributes from aggregated sources
88,700,480Extracting quotes from customer reviews regarding collections of items
98,700,464Monitoring user consumption of content
108,700,443Supply risk detection
118,700,392Speech-inclusive device interfaces
128,700,384Providing progressive language conversion for digital content on an electronic device
138,700,005Notification of a user device to perform an action
148,698,765Associating concepts within content items
158,698,764Dorsal touch input


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