Office Action Response

Our holistic approach to office action responses ensures higher patent grant rate.

Replying to office actions is like writing on stone. Statements once made can’t be retracted. A short sighted response aiming merely to overcome the rejections/objections of the examiner could have devastating effects on the eventually granted patent.

Making arguments and claim amendments in a desperate bid to get the patent granted as soon as possible is akin to hastily assembling a weapon without due attention to the smallest detail. The result: the weapon may not fire when you need it the most. Even one small hole created during prosecution can later on sink the entire patent, making it a worthless asset.

You have exercised extreme diligence in preparing the specification, claims and the filing. So why compromise when it comes to the last mile of the patent granting process, which is arguably the most critical?

Do not take chances with your investment. Patent your invention, but patent it right.

The prosecution experts at PatentYogi have decade long experience with patents and have witnessed patent life cycles from conception to monetization. They are wary of how even the smallest of actions at any stage can have grave and far reaching repercussions on the patent’s value.

At PatentYogi, patent prosecution is more than just preparing a persuasive response. With our holistic approach and alignment to your strategic business interests, you can be assured of not only getting your parent granted but also in a form that makes it commercially most valuable and legally strong.

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