Patent Animation Services

Animated videos explain how your invention works. Watch sample videos on our award winning YouTube channel.

The overall process:
1. Based on the information shared by you, we will provide a quote. Minimum quote is $800.
2. Once you confirm the quote, we will prepare a preliminary script and share it with you.
3. Based on your feedback, the script will be finalized.
4. Thereafter, we also share 1-2 drawings which gives an idea of the look and feel for the video.
5. Further, we will share storyboard drawings showing the elements in various scenes.
6. Once look and feel is confirmed, we make the video and procure audio for the script from the voice artist.
7. We share video with you. At this point, you can provide feedback related to sound, music, text used in the video.
8. We make the required changes and share the same with you.

An example video is available here.