Disney's cool magnetic toy that plies on your smart devices!

Smart devices are becoming increasingly prevalent in the marketplace. However, physical toys remain a staple of kids, with collectible figures serving as a bedrock for imaginative toy play.

Disney has patented a unique magnetic toy that is guided magnetically over a touchscreen display of smart devices. This will enhance the interactive experience between touch screen devices and toys.


The magnetic toy will come with a magnetic field source. A tablet is placed over the magnetic field source. The magnetic toy, such as Lightning McQueen from Disney’s Cars, is then placed on the tablet. By manipulating the magnetic field, the car is moved around the display.

Patentyogi_disney 2

The display can also present a video game. When Lightning McQueen drives over an image of gravel presented on display, the car is made to vibrate by magnetically repelling the car from display to simulate a gravel surface. Similarly, Lightning McQueen can also be made to physically jump.

PatentYogi_Disney Magnetic Toy

Another example is that the magnetic toy can be a toy top. The magnetic field source manipulates the magnetic field around a periphery of the toy top to perpetuate the spin.


Another example is a game of chess, where the magnetic toy represents chess pieces. The game of chess is presented on display of the tablet. A user can play against the computer opponent. When user makes a move, in response, the computer opponent makes move by moving the different chess pieces.

Sequence 01.Still006


Patent Information
Publication number: US9240268 B2
Patent Title: Magnetically movable objects over a display of an electronic device
Publication type: Grant
Application number: US 14/586,647
Publication date: Jan 19, 2016
Filing date: Dec 30, 2014
Priority date: May 18, 2012
Also published as: US8737035, US8976501, US20130308243, US20140204498, US20150109711
Inventors: Lanny Starkes Smoot, Jarvis Schultz
Original Assignee: Disney Enterprises, Inc.