Three Fixes for a Better Marketing Strategy

Three Fixes for a Better Marketing Strategy

Your business may offer the most competitively-priced innovative products or services to consumers, but without an effective marketing strategy, the business will never achieve the success that it deserves. Reaching your target audience is critical to the success of the business, so if the figures are not stacking up as they should, you must act sooner rather than later.

The first step that needs to be taken is to identify the problem areas. Use tools such as Google Analytics to assess the metrics of where the traffic to your website is coming from, which channels are beneficial, and which are underperforming. Collate the data and review the findings. The information that you have will direct your options for remedy. Metrics provide an opportunity to make fact-driven rather than emotionally-led decisions.

1.   Develop a systemized marketing strategy

Too often, businesses rely on marketing tactics instead of taking a holistic approach. An example of a marketing tactic being deployed is when businesses create content for their blog. Yes, the content is needed, but if businesses fail to incorporate it within a wider strategy, it will not perform to its highest potential. In this example, the content should be curated to support the sales team in any promotion that is running or be relevant to key industry events or dates. The wider picture needs to be viewed.

The marketing efforts should work cohesively to help the business achieve its goals. A company such as ensures that the digital marketing aligns with business’ goals and Google’s algorithms alike.

2.   Set a new marketing benchmark

The business will succeed if it differentiates itself from the competition. Having the best-priced products or services is not enough. Today’s market is consumer-led, and the business needs to be creative in providing the customer with a compelling narration and brand personality that appeals to consumer likes. While researching competitor marketing is essential, it should not be mirrored. By being creative with the marketing of the business, you are rising above the benchmark, and not joining in the melee.

3.   Tailor the marketing for the channel

There is no one standardized marketing strategy that can be applied to all the different marketing channels. What is successful on one platform is not necessarily the key to success on the other channels that are used. The tendency can be to simply rinse and repeat. However, as there are distinct differences between the channels, to achieve maximum performance across all platforms, a tailored approach is needed, and can include:

  • More frequent posts
  • Increased interactions with consumers
  • Writing bespoke content for the platform.

Marketers have a tough job as marketing has become more sophisticated. The more successful marketers continually strive to learn more, experiment, and adjust their methods to the innovations of technology and the ever-changing algorithms of the search engines.

A marketing strategy always needs some tweaking. Trial and error are to be expected; however, by taking on board these fixes, data-driven decisions will help to iron out any inefficiencies that are present in the current marketing strategy.