"Unboxing" Google Smart Contact Lens, 5 years before the product launch

Michio Kaku is firmly convinced that within few years the internet will be in our contact lens, “In future, the internet is going to be in our contact lens. When the internet is going to be in our contact lens, you will blink and you will go online.

This is going to change commerce, tourism, and change the way we live. So networking  today has limitations – distance, language – those barriers are going to fall once we have the internet in our contact lens”.

In this video, we are doing a virtual unboxing of Google’s smart contact lens. Google’ Smart contact lens project is not a moonshot but a sunshot project from Google.

We tracked Google’s patent applications for these lens. In these patent applications, Google has revealed how these lens are fabricated, how they work, how they communicate with your smartphone, how they can be charged, how they can be trained for a new user and how they help you to monitor various physiological parameters and also alleviate certain health conditions. We have shown all this in the video.

Google smart contact lens carry miniaturized electronics within the outer soft layers of the contact lens. The miniaturized electronic components include sensors, battery, controller, photodiodes and antennas.