Wow! It is possible to get a patent in 100 days!

Wow! It is possible to get a patent in 100 days!

The USPTO has historically been slow in processing patent applications. Applicants have had to wait anywhere between 3-6 years before receiving a patent.

With the fast moving technology space, new technology often displaces old technology in 6 years time-period.
Therefore, a faster patent examination process is the key to the success of patent system.

Accordingly, USPTO introduced the accelerated examination program in 2006. The applications filed under this program are processed within 12 months.

But is it possible to get a patent granted in 100 days? It may seem wishful, given USPTO’s track record

Nevertheless, a study conducted by PatentYogi found a couple of hundred patents issued around 3 months from the date of filing!

The Infographic depicts some interesting insights gleaned from these super-fast patent grants.
-Favorable law-firms/attorneys
-Favorable examiners
-Favorable technology areas.

-Super-fast patents mostly fall in the following technology areas:
a. Pharmaceuticals
b. Semiconductor manufacturing
c. Business method patents
d. Telecommunications
-Most of these super-fast patents were issued recently since 2012.

One may be suspicious about the quality of the examination or the number of claims granted. However, the following statistics indicates that super-fast patents do not compromise on anything:

A. Average No. of backward citations per patent is 38.
B. Average No. of claims per patent is over 15.
C. Average No. of unique words in independent claim is around 70.

Technology companies, Individual Inventors, patent attorneys and patent professionals can use this data and try to maximize their chances of getting a grant in 100 days.

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* Data analyzed for 2000-2015 but significant data falls in the past 2-3 years.
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