#CreepyIP No. 16 – Halloween Jack-O-Lantern

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Problems solved by this patent
The jack-o-lantern is one of the most recognized symbols of Halloween and appears in all sorts of forms. Jack-o-lanterns are traditionally formed by the carving of a face, or other image, into the outer shell of a pumpkin (or occasionally another vegetable or fruit such as a squash, guard, or melon) which has been hollowed out to remove the seeds and internal structure resulting in a generally hollow shell. The carving may comprise removing portions of the pumpkin shell to form large holes, simply pushing a series of small pin holes through the shell, or more elaborate methodologies.

A lighting source (traditionally a candle, although many forms of battery powered lights such as LED’s have been used). is then placed into the hollow pumpkin shell and activated.
Even if the access was made at a point separate from the stem, the jack-o-lantern is relatively unstable in construction due to its lack of internal structure, and parts of its shell being removed or compromised by the act of carving. Further, the stem does not comprise a comfortable handle for transporting the jack-o-lantern in the hand as it is quite rough and can have spines.
Solutions provide by this patent
A device for the hand transport of a lighted carved shell comprised of plant matter, the device comprising: two plates, each of said plates including a plurality of prongs extending therefrom; a rod, allowing the two plates to be connected together; an illumination device capable of being attached to said rod; and a handle connectable to said rod; wherein said plates are mounted on said rod so that the plurality of prongs on said plates extend toward each other; wherein said illumination device is attached to said rod between said plates; and wherein said handle is attached to said rod at a position which is not between said plates.
Patent Information
Patent number: US8220972 B2
Publication type: Grant
Application number: US 12/902,977
Publication date: Jul 17, 2012
Filing date: Oct 12, 2010
Priority date: Nov 8, 2006
Fee status: Paid
Also published as: US7832906, US8469553, US8678623, US20080105817, US20110026244, US20120268921, US20130250553,
Inventors: Kirk A. Damman

Abstract: A transport device used to connect to a jack-o-lantern which serves to both provide for an illumination source and an easy manner in which to transport the jack-o-lantern when it is illuminated. There are also provided related systems and methods of use of the device. The result provides for a jack-o-lantern to be easily transported as a lantern or costume prop.