Bio-bus is powered entirely by human feces [Ingenious Inventions]

PatentYogi_A bus powered by human poop

This bus runs in Bristol, UK. Similar buses also run in Oslo, Norway.

The bus numbered 2, is powered entirely by human feces and food waste, which is processed at a sewage plant to extract biomethane. As compared to diesel buses, the Bio-bus produces 20-30% less carbon dioxide, 80% fewer nitrogen oxides and is low in particulates.

Here is a patent for an electric car that may be charged using biogas.

Patent Information
Publication number: US9365127 B2
Patent Title: Recharging electric vehicles
Publication date: 14 Jun 2016
Filing date: 12 Nov 2010
Priority date: 13 Nov 2009
Inventors: Mats Olsson
Original Assignee: Wayne Fueling Systems Llc


Source: Wikipedia