Treadwall, the Rotating Climbing Wall [Ingenious Inventions]

Rotating Climbing Wall

This is Treadwall, the rotating climbing wall for training and recreation. It moves by body weight alone, so it automatically matches your speed and movement.

Adjustable speeds and angles allow for a variety of difficulty levels and training options. It helps users build strength, flexibility and endurance. You not only burn calories, but also exercise nearly every muscle in the body. With this machine, you can experience adventure sports at home!

Here is one of the first patents on a simulated climbing wall.

Patent Information
Publication number: US5125877 A
Patent Title: Simulated climbing wall
Publication date: 30 Jun 1992
Filing date: 5 Apr 1990
Priority date: 26 Jan 1990
Inventors: George Brewer
Original Assignee: Brewer’s Ledge, Inc.