Amazon gets naughty this week, patents a "dorsal touch" device


Problems solved by this patent
Traditionally, input devices have been located on the front of the electronic device. However, placement of an input device on the front of an electronic device results in the user obscuring their view of a front-mounted display during data entry.

Solutions provided by this patent
This invention utilizes a touch sensor disposed on at least a portion of a back surface of an electronic device and forming a back touch sensor. The back touch sensor acts as an input device for a user. The back touch sensor may be configured to provide a dorsal virtual keyboard, a dorsal virtual pointer, and so forth. Such an arrangement provides the user with the ability to hold the device and provide input while minimizing obscuration of the display. The back touch sensor may reside on surfaces which are non-adjacent to and free from the display. For example, the back, sides, top, or bottom, of a device which has a single display on the front.

Patent Information
Patent Number: US9152185
Patent Title: Dorsal touch input
Inventors: Karakotsios; Kenneth M. (San Jose, CA), Bozarth; Bradley J. (Sunnyvale, CA), Lewbel; Hannah Rebecca (Campbell, CA)
Assignee: Amazon Technologies, Inc. (Reno, NV)
Family ID: 1000001384260
Appl. No.: 14/196,787
Filed: March 4, 2014

Abstract: A back touch sensor positioned on a back surface of a device accepts user input in the form of touches. The touches on the back touch sensor map keys on a virtual keyboard, a pointer input, and so forth. Touches on a touch sensor positioned on a front surface provide additional input while also allowing the user to grasp and hold the device.