Amazon Invents Beehive shaped Airports for Drones

A recent patent publication from Amazon disclosed the details of these drone beehives. It is pretty amazing.

Amazon plans to build such drone beehives in cities. They will look like 30 St Mary Axe in London. The drone beehives will blend well into urban landscapes.

Amazon’s trucks will deliver products to the beehive. Robots inside the beehive, will take the packages to the respective levels. Then a designated drone will pick the package and leave the beehive. The drone beehives make the delivery very efficient.

Amazon has innovating continuously in the drone space. Earlier, Amazon invented a universal drone…that can lift any sized load. Amazon also invented birdhouses” where drones can rest while making deliveries.

Patent Information
Publication number: US20170175413 A1
Publication date: 22 Jun 2017
Filing date: 18 Dec 2015
Priority date: 18 Dec 2015
Inventors: James Christopher Curlander, Asaf Gilboa-Amir, Lauren Marie Kisser, Robert Arthur Koch, Ricky Dean Welsh
Original Assignee: Amazon Technologies, Inc.