Apple has been granted 5 design patents and 27 Utility patents covering technology playing cupid and a smart calender

Utility Patents

Apple has been granted 27 Utility patents. The two most interesting ones are mentioned below.

1. US 9,058,595 –  iCalendar: A calendar that is as smart as you! 


Ever been embarrassed about accepting an invitation but not able to attend the event?

Well, you are not to be blamed. It’s really your calendar’s fault!

When it comes to deciding whether or not to accept an invitation in the first place, existing calendars are not helpful at all. In most cases, you end up accepting the invitation mainly on your interest without realizing that you may already have another commitment at that time.

But this smart Calander from Apple won’t let that happen.

When you have a new invitation, the smart calendar shows you the exact context within which the event takes place. It does it by displaying the invitation over laid onto your existing schedule during that time period. This allows you to see what other events you have already committed yourself to in and around that time. With this contextual view, you can make a more informed decision of whether or not to accept the invitation and save yourself from being red faced again.

2. US 9,059,957: iCupid – Connecting not just people but hearts too.

Check our full post on this patent. 



Among the utility patents, there are patents relating to:

  • Seamlessly moving from one application to another among concurrently running applications on a mobile device
  • Tracking viral content
  • Better manufacturing techniques for mobile devices
  • An improved touch sensitive mouse
  • More user friendly user-interfaces


Design Patents

1. Among the design patents, is this cool headphones which confirms the much talked about iBeats Headphones concept.


2. And after having epitomizing style in gadgets, Apple may soon replicate its design philosophy to pretty much everything around us. An example is this design patent on a very Apple-ish building structure. This structure is the design of the Shanghai Apple Store.

Shanghai Apple Store

3. And if this design patent is anything to go by, you may soon see a slimmer and curvier version of ipod.

Apple iPOD

The other two design patents relate to connector and a earphones.


Full list of patents issued this week.

PAT. NO. Title
1 9,060,418 Full-Text Systems and methods for improved window mounting on an electronic device
2 9,060,111 Full-Text Electronic device with compact camera module
3 9,059,957 Full-Text Complex handling of conditional messages
4 9,059,950 Full-Text Delivering and tracking viral invitational content
5 9,059,840 Full-Text Recipient blind cryptographic access control for publicly hosted message and data streams
6 9,059,531 Full-Text Connectors and methods for manufacturing connectors
7 9,059,514 Full-Text Structures for shielding and mounting components in electronic devices
8 9,059,427 Full-Text Device and method for top emitting AMOLED
9 9,058,941 Full-Text Floating switch assemblies and methods for making the same
10 9,058,801 Full-Text Robust process for managing filter coefficients in adaptive noise canceling systems
11 9,058,676 Full-Text Mechanism to detect idle screen on
12 9,058,667 Full-Text Detail preserving image transfer operations
13 9,058,655 Full-Text Region of interest based image registration
14 9,058,595 Full-Text Methods and systems for managing an electronic calendar
15 9,058,346 Full-Text Ordered index
16 9,058,337 Full-Text Previewing user interfaces and other aspects
17 9,058,288 Full-Text Redundant storage in non-volatile memory by storing redundancy information in volatile memory
18 9,058,224 Full-Text Serialization of asynchronous command streams
19 9,058,186 Full-Text Device, method, and graphical user interface for managing concurrently open software applications
20 9,058,131 Full-Text Specification files for call translation and trace
21 9,058,124 Full-Text Directory tree search
22 9,058,066 Full-Text Suppressing errant motion using integrated mouse and touch information
23 9,057,894 Full-Text Method and apparatus for adaptive display calibration
24 9,057,808 Full-Text Textured light guide to reduce friction with film
25 9,057,620 Full-Text Navigation system acquisition and use of cellular coverage map data
26 9,057,120 Full-Text Thermoplastic forming methods for amorphous alloy
27 9,056,353 Full-Text Manipulating surface topology of BMG feedstock