Apple invents a low power capture mode for digital cameras

Digital cameras and camera phones are increasing being used more and more to capture and store both still digital images and video clips. These devices also include a color display, which is used to display captured still digital images and video clips.

Often, users face a situation when the power level of the camera devices is low, so they are unable to capture images or videos.

Apple plans to provide two camera modes with its smart devices. These modes are a normal image capture mode and a low-power image capture mode. In the normal image capture mode, as images are captured, the captured images are displayed on a display. In the low-power image capture mode, power is not supplied to the image display in order to conserve battery power by not displaying images on the image display.

digital cameras

The low power image capture mode can also be used when the digital camera is mounted (e.g. to a bike or another moving device) as the user is not in a position to view the image display, so providing images to the image display is wasteful.

Now, you can click photographs for much longer!

Patent Information
Publication number: US 20160212341
Patent Title: Digital camera having low power capture mode
Publication date: Jul 21, 2016
Filing date: Dec 14, 2015
Inventors: Keith Stoll Karn; Marc Krolczyk; Kazuhiro Joza; David Ollila;
Original Assignee: Apple Inc.