Apple patents granted on 01 April 2014

50 US patents granted on 01 April 2014 and assigned to Apple

1D701,868Display screen or portion thereof with a graphical user interface
38,689,254Techniques and graphical user interfaces for preview of media items
48,689,1453D remote control system employing absolute and relative position detection
58,689,132Portable electronic device, method, and graphical user interface for displaying electronic documents and lists
68,689,128Device, method, and graphical user interface for moving a current position in content at a variable scrubbing rate
78,689,116Email user interface
88,689,103Automated digital media presentations
98,689,034Methods and apparatus for power state based backup
108,688,989Receiver non-repudiation via a secure device
118,688,967Secure booting a computing device
128,688,966Systems, methods, and computer-readable media for presenting visual content with a consistent orientation
138,688,928Media device with intelligent cache utilization
148,688,876Connector adapter
158,688,745Method and apparatus for searching metadata
168,688,585Remote container
178,688,446Providing text input using speech data and non-speech data
188,688,406Personal items network, and associated methods
198,688,392System and method for testing a light sensor of a portable electronic device
208,688,172Feeder cable reduction
218,688,160Single-radio device supporting coexistence between multiple radio access technologies
228,688,070Location-based emergency information
238,688,056Methods and apparatus for antenna isolation-dependent coexistence in wireless systems
248,687,924Managing digital images
258,687,922Parallel scaler processing
268,687,803Operational mode for block ciphers
278,687,798Microphone line based detection of headset plug removal
288,687,602Methods and apparatus for error correction for coordinated wireless base stations
298,687,587Inter-subsystem transfers
308,687,494System and method for Ec/Io access screening in a CDMA network
318,687,480Systems and methods for SC-FDMA transmission diversity
328,687,392Power converter with automatic mode switching
338,687,369Apparatus for creating resistive pathways
348,687,359Portable computer unified top case
358,687,299Bayonet attachment mechanisms
368,687,070Image capture device having tilt and/or perspective correction
378,687,026Systems and method for display temperature detection
388,687,015Brushing tools for digital image adjustments
398,687,007Seamless display migration
408,687,004Font file with graphic images
418,686,981Display brightness control based on ambient light angles
428,686,962Gestures for controlling, manipulating, and editing of media files using touch sensitive devices
438,686,955Device, method, and graphical user interface for performing character entry
448,686,952Multi touch with multi haptics
458,686,807Transmission line having a first higher power level carrying signal conductor separated by conductive vias from a second lower power level carrying signal conductor
468,686,658Systems and methods for multi-state switch networks
478,686,600Techniques for configuring contacts of a connector
488,686,297Laminated flex circuit layers for electronic device components
498,686,273Recording and selecting a region of a media track
508,684,613Integrated camera window


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