Enhanced accuracy for tracking tethered airborne vehicles

Google patented a technique to enhance tracking accuracy of its flying wind turbines.

Google has been working on wind turbines for some time now, since its purchase of the energy company Makani Power in 2013. These wind turbines can access stronger and steadier winds at higher altitudes to generate more energy with fewer materials. New patent tracks the wind turbine tethered to a ground station as it flies around a substantially circular path. The tracking helps the tether termination mount to avoid twists in the tether. Tether twisting can have an adverse effect on performance.


















Patent Information
Publication number: US9214022
Patent Title: Enhanced accuracy for tracking tethered airborne vehicles
Publication type: Grant
Application number: US 14/325,187
Publication date: 15 Dec 2015
Filing date: 07 Jul 2014
Inventors: Kurt Hallamask; Brian Hachtmann; Rob Nelson; Corwin Hardham; Kenny Jensen; Elias Wolfgang Patten;
Original Assignee: Google Inc.

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