Ford invents a flexible sheet to protect passengers during oblique impacts

Ford consistently scores high on various car safety ratings. This result of constant innovation to make cars more safe.

Image Credit - MattFord
Image Credit – MattFord

This week they have patented a unique system to protect passengers during oblique impacts. These are the impacts that occur at an angle of 10-50 degrees relative to the vehicle’s trajectory.

Image Credit - Calspan
Image Credit – Calspan

During an oblique impact, occupants of the vehicle typically move forward and laterally with respect to a length of the vehicle. The patented system absorbs crash energy during an oblique impact, thereby reducing the damage.

PatentYogi_Ford improves safety of its cars

During an oblique impact, an impact sensing system deploys a flexible sheet which is then positioned to receive an occupant moving both forward and laterally with respect to a longitudinal axis of the car. The flexible sheet absorbs the impact energy from the occupant.

Patent Information
Publication number: US 9333931
Patent Title: Passenger protection system
Publication date: 10 May 2016
Filing date: 28 Jan 2015
Inventors: James Chih Cheng; Parakrama V. Weerappuli; Raed Essa El-Jawahri; Mohammed Omar Faruque;
Applicant: Ford Global Technologies, LLC