Ford patented a unique airbag for rear seats

Image Credit - TechRepublic
Image Credit – Wired

The patented rear seat airbag is a substantially `U` shape to encompass both the front and rear sides of rear seat occupants when the rear seat airbag is deployed. The rear airbag is stored within a ceiling lining above a rear passenger cabin section.


The airbag deployment system gathers vehicle state information, analyzes the vehicle state information, determines whether to deploy one or more airbags, and then controls the deployment of the rear airbag.

Patent Information
Publication number: US 9321423
Patent Title: Roof mounted rear seat airbag safety cage
Publication date: 26 Apr 2016
Filing date: 29 Jul 2014
Inventors: Dean M. Jaradi; Iskander Farooq; Mohammed Omar Faruque;
Applicant: Ford Global Technologies, LLC