Ford Invents a Radical New Airbag System for Cars

Ford Invents a Radical New Airbag System for Cars

Every 25 seconds, one person dies in a road traffic accident. Although road fatalities are a result of a multitude of factors, including bad weather conditions, rash driving, and poor road conditions, at least a part of the fatalities are due to inadequacies in existing safety systems installed in the majority of vehicles on the road.

Ford has come up with a sweeping new airbag system that aims to reduce fatalities and provide additional protection.

The airbag system includes two side airbags supported by seat bottoms at opposite sides of the seats in addition to front airbags installed in the instrument panel and steering wheel. The two side airbags, when inflated, will extend along the sides of the seat curving along the curved portion of the seats between the instrument panel and the front airbags. The side airbags will also be connected to tethers, included in an inflation chamber, to stabilize the airbags when inflated. The airbag system will also include an inflator in communication with the side airbags to inflate the airbags when required. The airbag system will also include deflectors supported by the hinges to deflect the side airbags upwardly from the bottom of the seat. The hinges are, in turn, connected to a stop to limit the motion of the hinge.

Theses side airbags, when inflated, will form a sort of a protective envelop protecting you from all sides. The side airbags towards the doors will only extend up to the windows to allow access to door controls even in case of an accident, and evacuation from the vehicle in case of a severe one.

This airbag system looks promising, and it remains to be seen how soon it will be implemented by vehicle manufacturers worldwide.

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