Google Glass to soon get a cool hand-triggered photography feature


Patent Information

Patent Number: US 9,076,033
Patent Title: Hand-triggered head-mounted photography

Inventors: Barron; Jonathan Tilton (Oakland, CA), Levoy; Marc Stewart (Stanford, CA), Hasinoff; Samuel William (Sunnyvale, CA)
Assignee: Google Inc. (Mountain View, CA)
Family ID: 1000001151321
Appl. No.: 13/630,537
Filed: September 28, 2012

Abstract: Embodiments described herein may help a computing device, such as a head-mountable device (HMD), to capture and process images in response to a user placing their hands in, and then withdrawing their hands from, a frame formation. For example, an HMD may analyze image data from a point-of-view camera on the HMD, and detect when a wearer holds their hands in front of their face to frame a subject in the wearer’s field of view. Further, the HMD may detect when the wearer withdraws their hands from such a frame formation and responsively capture an image. Further, the HMD may determine a selection area that is being framed, within the wearer’s field of view, by the frame formation. The HMD may then process the captured image based on the frame formation, such as by cropping, white-balancing, and/or adjusting exposure.