Google patents a velocity based advertisement delivery system

The patented velocity based advertisement delivery system determines position, speed and direction of movement of the user device and then selects an advertisement to provide to the user device based on its position and velocity.

The system allows advertisers to narrowly target advertisements to interested users. For example, the system uses the user device’s position and velocity and the time of travel to select a potentially relevant advertisement for the user device’s user (e.g., an advertisement for a motel if the user device is moving at high speed down an interstate at night versus an advertisement for a coffee shop if the user device is moving slowly down a city street in the morning).

Advertisement for Coffee


Advertisement for Hotel














Patent Information
Publication number: US 9280212
Patent Title: Velocity based content delivery
Publication date: 8 Mar 2016
Filing date: 11 Feb 2015
Inventors: Ehren Andrew Kret; Ronald Ho;
Original Assignee: Google Inc.