Google patents a wind-powered vessel for removal of carbon dioxide from seawater

Google has developed an ocean-going vessel which uses seawater and green energy as inputs and extracts carbon dioxide from seawater while also producing jet fuel as output.

The vessel applies electrolysis to seawater to produce hydrogen gas. A refinery system then produces jet fuel from the hydrogen and carbon dioxide that is extracted from the seawater.

An aerial vehicle tethered to the vessel flies in a circular or ellipsoidal path in order to convert wind energy into electrical energy. The electrical energy is then relayed to the vessel via the tether where it powers the electrodialysis and refinery system.  The aerial vehicle could also serve as a propulsion system for the ocean-going vessel, pulling it through the water.

By deploying a large fleet of such vessels the health of the ocean can be drastically improved and possibly even reverse climate change by increasing the ocean’s ability to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.
















Patent Information
Publication number: US 9227168
Patent Title: Wind-powered vessel for removal of carbon dioxide from seawater
Application number: US 14/224,021
Publication date: 05 Jan 2016
Filing date: 24 Mar 2013
Inventors: Richard Wayne DeVaul; Damon Vander Lind;
Original Assignee: Google Inc.

2 US9227168