Google patents cyborg eyeball

After Google Glass and Google lens, Google goes further inside your eyes.

Image Credit - Wikipedia
Image Credit – Wikipedia


Image Credit - Laptopmag/Cherlynn Low
Image Credit – Laptopmag/Cherlynn Low

Google filed a patent for an intra-ocular device that can connect to wireless devices, take photos, and automatically adjust the eye’s focus.

Image Credit - MedicineNet
Image Credit – MedicineNet

The patented device requries surgery. Therefore, it technically makes you a cyborg once it is implanted. The natural lens is first removed from the lens capsule of the eye. Then, the patented device is injected in fluid that then solidifies to couple the device with the eye’s lens capsule.

PatentYogi_Google patents cyborg eyeball

The device injected into the eye contains a number of tiny components: storage, sensors, radio, battery and an electronic lens. The eyeball device gets power wirelessly from an energy harvesting antenna.

Patent Information
Publication number: US 20160113760
Patent Title: Intra-ocular device
Publication date: 28 Apr 2016
Filing date: 24 Oct 2014
Inventors: Andrew Jason Conrad;
Applicant: Google Inc.