Google patents granted on 15 April 2014

70 US patents granted on 15 April 2014 and assigned to Google

1D702,708Display screen with a transitional graphical user interface
28,701,157Configuring policy settings on client computing devices
38,701,050Gesture completion path display for gesture-based keyboards
48,701,042Organizing graphical representations on computing devices
58,701,032Incremental multi-word recognition
68,701,028Graphical user interface and related method
78,701,020Text chat overlay for video chat
88,701,000Carousel user interface for document management
98,700,999Carousel user interface for document management
108,700,997Method and apparatus for spellchecking source code
118,700,992Method for determining position and dimensions of webpage elements by wireframe injection
128,700,990PDF plugin to view any page
138,700,986System and method for displaying a document containing footnotes
148,700,985Collecting user feedback about web pages
158,700,895System and method for operating a computing device in a secure mode
168,700,868Methods and systems for incrementing a logarithmic count
178,700,776System and method for editing a conversation in a hosted conversation system
188,700,766System and method for indirectly classifying a computer based on usage
198,700,722User-aware cloud to device messaging systems and methods
208,700,719Embedded applications with access to attachments in hosted conversations
218,700,717Email conversation management system
228,700,714Collaborative streaning of video content
238,700,710Constructing social networks
248,700,653Predictive query completion and predictive search results
258,700,643Managing electronic media collections
268,700,641Detecting repeating content in broadcast media
278,700,639Rank-adjusted content items
288,700,633Determining categories for geographic data
298,700,628Personalized aggregation of annotations
308,700,625Identifying alternative products
318,700,621Generating query suggestions from user generated content
328,700,616Systems and methods for cross-street identification
338,700,610Systems and methods for providing news alerts
348,700,583Dynamic tiermaps for large online databases
358,700,580Moderation of user-generated content
368,700,576Method, system, and program for archiving files
378,700,568Entity normalization via name normalization
388,700,545Sorted inbox with important message identification based on global and user models
398,700,526Methods for discovering and paying debts owed by a group
408,700,494Identifying product variants
418,700,470Comparison shop ad units
428,700,465Determining online advertisement statistics
438,700,452Automatically switching between pricing models for services
448,700,396Generating speech data collection prompts
458,700,393Multi-stage speaker adaptation
468,700,328Better diversity for transit routing
478,700,304System and method of determining distances between geographic positions
488,700,300Navigation queries
498,700,251System and method for automatically detecting key behaviors by vehicles
508,700,089Mobile device configured to operate on multiple different networks
518,700,054Prediction of indoor level and location using a three stage process
528,699,968Using multiple and a single feedback for UE uplink beamforming in soft handoff
538,699,862Synchronized content playback related to content recognition
548,699,842Image relay waveguide and method of producing same
558,699,819Mosaicing documents for translation using video streams
568,699,806Method and apparatus for automatically summarizing video
578,699,800User correction of pose for street-level images
588,699,707Distributing content
598,699,411Dynamic TDMA system for TV white space MIMO wireless
608,699,381Ascertaining presence in wireless networks
618,699,373Service-card load distribution
628,699,350Optimizing traffic in a data network
638,699,226Active cooling debris bypass fin pack
648,698,875Estimation of panoramic camera orientation relative to a vehicle coordinate frame
658,698,843Range of focus in an augmented reality application
668,698,835Mobile device user interface having enhanced visual characteristics
678,698,824Computing systems, devices and methods for rendering maps remote from a host application
688,698,772Visual object manipulation
698,698,746Automatic calibration curves for a pointing device
708,698,598Digital punch card for mobile device


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