Google is mulling the idea to power Google Glass via AA batteries

Google is continuously improving Google Glass with new innovations.

The overall design of the device is largely similar to spectacles that people wear to correct vision related problems.

The patent discloses that the Google Glass will include a big touchpad on one of the arms of the device. The touchpad is installed on a touchpad housing that contains electronic circuitry and a power source.

Image Credit: Kyecass
Image Credit: Kyecass

Further, the device includes a big earpiece housing positioned behind or over the ear of the user while being worn. Earpiece housing contacts a portion of the user’s head to help secure the position of device.


The two housings (touchpad housing and earpiece housing) include memory, a microprocessor, communications devices, such as cellular, short-range wireless (e.g. Bluetooth), or WiFi circuitry for connection to a remote device.

Further, the earpiece housing includes a battery or multiple batteries of various forms, such as AAA, AA, or 9-volt style batteries. These batteries can be quickly replaced and recharged separately.

However, the battery can also be a rechargeable battery such as a lithium-ion or nickel-cadmium battery.

Moreover, the earpiece housing is positioned to provide a balancing weight to that of touchpad housing or display positioned forward of the user’s ear, which causes a portion of their weight to be carried by the user’s nose. By adding weight behind the user’s ear in the form of earpiece housing, the ear becomes a fulcrum about which the weight of the display and touchpad housing are balanced against that of the earpiece housing. This relieves some of the weight on the user’s nose, giving a more comfortable fit.

Therefore, a majority of the weight is carried by the ear of the user, but some weight can still be carried by the nose in order to give the device a secure feel and to keep the bridge anchored on the nose.

Patent Information
Publication number: US 20160231572
Patent Title: Wearable device with input and output structures
Publication date: 11 Aug 2016
Filing date: 8 Feb 2016
Inventors: Maj Isabelle Olsson; Mitchell Joseph Heinrich; Daniel Kelly; John Lapetina;
Original Assignee: Google Inc.